I was referred to Antonique by a friend who is also expecting her first baby. As a first time expecting mother, I have many desires as to how I would like this process to go. Breastfeeding is the most significant plan that I've attempted to flush out as much as possible while still allowing myself the understanding that I will make mistakes, and that's alright.

My support system surrounding breastfeeding is quite small, as I am the first to breastfeed in two generations. This reality brings me to Antonique, who, after taking her virtual class, provided me with a wealth of education and reassurance.

Not only is she knowledgeable in so many avenues relating to feeding your baby, but she's also relatable, open to questions, and encourages breastfeeding to be a community effort. This is important because not only does this allow the expecting mother to invite her family into what may be a foreign space, Antonique understands that success will be much more in reach if the mother is loved, supported, and encouraged. 


Antonique is definitely for the culture. In her virtual class, she used demonstrations, props, and documentation to scientifically support her claims. What was also affirming to me was Antonique's willingness to help me after the arrival of my baby. She offered her contact information as well as in invitation to reach out with additional questions or concerns. 


I highly recommend Antonique. She's being added to my network and villiage. As a black mother, it's important for me to have open dialogue with those who have or are going through the process of bringing a new baby into this world. Further, Antonique supports the mother's choices, which is a blessing. 


Thank you, Antonique! 

K. Palmer

Antoinique was so amazing during my entire journey. We utilized all her resources: doula services, childbirth education, breastfeeding education, and henna art. Everything was impeccable! She came promptly and prepared and was always a listening ear for any questions my husband or I had during the education classes. She made sure to include my husband in every step of the way. She emphasized family involvement during the childbirth process. During our home birth experience as a first time parents, Antoinique’s presence was so calming and supportive. She molded into the care team flawlessly. She coached my husband on how to support me and gladly took over when he needed a break. She was everything we didn’t know we needed during labor. AND she provided support during the postpartum period, which was ESSENTIAL. We highly recommend Antoinique with AkuaBa Birth Services to everyone in search of childbirth support! You need it, even if you think you don’t! - A. Jordan

Antonique is Amazing! From the first time I spoke with her on the phone I felt like we were friends. She has a compassionate, quiet and humble spirit. She has really helped me with being able to breastfeed my now 3 month old. There were times when I wanted to give up, but she was right there encouraging and supporting me. Anytime I have a question or concern she makes herself available to me and my family. I wish more people were like her the world would be a better place!- A. Whitehead

First and foremost, Ms. Akua is very Very informative about the Doula birthing process and then some. She walked me step by step through the breast feeding process which I was the most concerned about after I have my child. She's very positive, very calming, and very helpful when it comes to the birthing process. She is willing to help through Every stage of pregnancy and even after child birth. Did I mention she's very calming? Lol. I repeat that because it's important. I wouldn't have anyone else help me through this birthing process besides Ms. Akua. - C. Bentley